The 7 Benefits of consuming SAP BPC as a Service

The 7 Benefits of consuming SAP BPC as a ServiceSAP BPC has always been architected as a truly web based solution. All communications between the server and the client, regardless of their chosen interface, being pure http/https. Even users connecting through their Excel client are actually directly connecting to the SAP BPC solution.

This is done through a secure web channel, with data, processes and logic controlled by the system and not stored locally. Nor does it rely on a users’ Excel abilities or risks corporate data or the errors inherent in ‘applications’ (just a few of these issues are explored in our paper When Excel Stops Excelling

SAP BPC, as a product, can be installed in any data centre, in an on-premises model, in third party data centres and also in a private or public cloud.

So what is it that drives customers such as Colfax Corporation, with global operations and many hundreds of users, who have deployed SAP BPC on the Opal Wave Platform as a Service  (PaaS) solution. Or Advantage Smollan, a mid-sized business, who have deployed the Opal Wave BPC Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) option?

There are pros and cons for any deployment model, but there are a number of key reasons why a PaaS model – even with users bringing their own licences, is the right answer for many organisations. There are many advantages of sap software but for any SAP BPC customers, the Opal Wave PaaS option delivers these 7 Benefits of SAP BPC as a Service:

  1.  Cost is involved in the benefits of using sap,cost is always a key driver of decisions – by choosing a cloud solution from a specialist in BPC, you get benefits of scale that are simply not feasible in an on-premise or generic cloud deployment. The pre-designed best practice reference architecture, the appropriately shared infrastructure, the support from a specialist team of BPC experts, all mean that cost for each individual customer is minimised, not just with no compromises on quality, but actually with significant improvement.
  2. Time to deploy is significantly reduced with preconfigured and pre-existing components able to be deployed in hours not weeks, with further reductions in professional services or internal IT time needed to build servers and virtual machines.
  3. No up-front investment, with the entire infrastructure leased on flexible terms, it means you are not committed to hardware purchases, build costs and time.
  4. Scalability that is delivered from virtual landscapes which are built on significantly larger physical infrastructures than would be deployed for an on-premises implementation. It means that the system can grow with the business and is not constrained by an initial investment that can be further limited by availability of equivalent generation technology should the system grow and need additional horsepower.
  5. Security and Resilience are of course key to what are often mission critical systems used in controlling the business and providing disclosure to regulatory bodies. With automated backups, proven reliability, availability guarantees and importantly, people who are genuinely expert in making sure a BPC system is functioning as it is meant to, our customers benefit from knowing they have the system available to them when they need it day in day out. With customers in all sectors including many with highly sensitive data, we understand security needs and with our state-of-the-art protections are able to provide audit information and assurance to meet the most stringent global requirements.
  6. Providing a single point of service we make it easy for users. Our customers have one number to call, be it for functional, technical, software and even BAU process issues, they know they can rely on us to provide them the right answers faster. There is no management overhead arbitraging between providers, if something isn’t right it is sorted swiftly and simply. Patching and upgrades are taken care of, even additional solution development – there isn’t ever a need to search for an answer.
  7. For years our customers have enjoyed the additional benefit of a long-term supplier relationship that has grown with their need and has sustained them with advice and support tailored to them based on a knowledge of their people and business. It is having the A team of experts on hand that would be impossible to build from internal resources alone who know you and your business – the best possible world. Indeed, as a key KPI our business makes every customer a reference able customer – true from our initial year of operation and the fact that every customer then remains a customer now, even those who have been acquired and for whom the relationship has transitioned to the new parent.

The 7 Benefits of consuming SAP BPC as a Service

These 7 Benefits of SAP as a Service talks a lot about the Opal Wave platform as a service specifically. Here are a couple of links to other resources:

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