The benefits to SAP BPC users in upgrading to version 11.

A question I am asked regularly by SAP BPC users is what are the benefits of upgrading to BPC version 11.

With the Microsoft and NetWeaver versions of SAP BPC going out of maintenance, users have to decide if, or when, they should upgrade. Of course not upgrading leaves the challenge of out of maintenance software with all of the compliance issues and risks of something breaking that would not be addressed by SAP as would be expected in supported software. The go forward version of SAP BPC (BPC version for BW/4) is the only one to be released as version 11 (current release SAP BPC 11.1) and is SAP’s go forward solution for SAP BPC users sitting on their latest BW/4HANA platform and aligned with their S/4 .solutions evolution.

  1. You will be upgrading to a solution that is running on the latest SAP HANA platform technology and will have the advantage that investment in that will simply flow through to the solution.
  2. As a mature solution, BPC continues to address EPM requirements spanning statutory and regulatory requirements as well as planning within a single solution.
  3. For organisation on an S/4 roadmap, it gives them options around Group Reporting and SAC alignment as well as ERP independence which may be needed while the journey is ongoing – and even beyond where multiple instances or multiple alternate ERP’s remain across a group.
  4. For non SAP ERP users, of whom there are many, it continues to deliver the source independence and powerful embedded integration capabilities, controllable by the business itself, which have served users well over many years.

These are general benefits though and people do like to think of features and functions. Existing users will of course recognise the solution and will be able to adapt their existing processes, educate users and therefore deploy an upgrade easily. There are, though many functional benefits which span:

  1. There is, of course, an updated web interface which both improves navigation and use through personalisation, url embedding, replacement of tabs with enhanced navigation and breadcrumbs and a technical Fiori based architecture enabling it to be deployed more easily as part of a simplified IT landscape
  2. An improved business process flow definition, monitoring and control capability as well as the latest connections into the Analysis for Office (EPM) client that continues to improve. The management dashboards are improved as are scheduling capabilities and flexibility with links on BPC home pages and elsewhere.
  3. There are a number of enhancements to the Consolidation Central module IN BPC v 11.1 which are not available to BPC NetWeaver users. These include:
    • Consolidation Monitor enhancements.
    • Consolidation process execution and process linking which enables additional subsidiary logic to be executed automatically with a consolidation process.
    • Addition of Equity Pick up monitor.
    • Enhancements to Journal Posting input process & addition of multiple journal templates.
  1. Updates to the security model making maintenance and control easier including property based security model.
  2. Logic improvements include a new graphical logic editor with predictive as well as auto-referencing capabilities that make what was once a script writing skill a system supported drag and drop experience.
  3. HANA optimisations result in execution of many processes significantly faster.

The actual version that you are upgrading from will add further benefits – for example BPC Microsoft (or even earlier NW version) users would still have a fat office administration client, but assuming a more recent release is in place these features are a good starting place for comparison.

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