Have you ever tried customising the prompts in a BPC Data Manager package to include user defined dimensions? It is not as obvious as you might expect, but still straightforward when you know how.

The standard syntax for the FX restatement package in SAP BPC Microsoft is:

PROMPT(SELECTINPUT,,,”Please select category, entity and time for restatement”,%CATEGORY_DIM%%ENTITY_DIM%%TIME_DIM%)

If I need to add a non-user defined dimension prompt to this, say for the DATASRC dimension, the edited line becomes:

PROMPT(SELECTINPUT,,,”Please select audit trail, category, entity and time for restatement”,%CATEGORY_DIM%%ENTITY_DIM%%TIME_DIM%%DATASRC_DIM%)

If I use the same syntax for one of my user defined dimensions I don’t get the prompt for this dimension when I run the package. The solution is to just add the name of the user defined dimension, say PRODUCT (without % or _DIM), but also to add double quotes to each end of the list of prompted dimensions.

PROMPT(SELECTINPUT,,,”Please select category, entity, product and time for restatement”,”%CATEGORY_DIM%,%ENTITY_DIM%,PRODUCT,%TIME_DIM%”)

The standard syntax for the equivalent package in SAP BPC NetWeaver is slightly different, but the same rules apply:


Notice that this time the default prompt does not include a piece of text, but this can be added. In addition the double quotes around the list of prompted dimensions are already there. So in this case all that is required is the name of the user defined dimension and a piece of text – if required.

PROMPT(SELECTINPUT,,,”This package now includes a prompt for Product”,”%ENTITY_DIM%,%CATEGORY_DIM%,PRODUCT,%TIME_DIM%”)

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