Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used personal productivity tools, but what happens when it stops excelling for you and your business?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used personal productivity tools in the world because it is really good at doing what it does: Enabling people to manipulate and present data, to understand it and to make decisions based on a scientific approach.

Because of this, Excel has been used to do so many tasks that on the face of it are ideally suited to it, but – in reality – the business process and the interaction needed to support the process have actually been hijacked by Excel, creating a spiral of dependency, inaccuracy and a false belief in what these spreadsheets say.

In a nutshell – Excel is used so ubiquitously that it has actually become the cause of many problems for the businesses and the users that are so reliant on them rather than solving them.

So, why do we have this dependency?

When Excel stops excelling 1

These are of course just a sample of the issues that result from use of Excel. And it impacts the business in a number of ways:

When Excel stops excelling 2
When Excel stops excelling 3

Excel has made itself one of the most important tools in business today, but the hidden cost of the manual effort in controlling it combined with the risks make it essential for all businesses to understand the implications for them.

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