Mid-Bedfordshire Conservative MP Nadine Dorries tweeted recently that she reveals her Parliamentary log-in details to her team, including interns on exchange programmes, and frequently has to ask them to remind her of the password.

It has been well-documented that Ms Dorries’ revelations came less than six months after hackers tried to access MPs’ email accounts and that the House of Commons staff handbook specifically tells employees to avoid divulging their passwords.

Even if you don’t work in the Mother of Parliaments, however, hers is not behaviour we advise you to emulate.

Revealing passwords runs a host of risks, including providing unauthorised access to sensitive data and creating confusion over who has actually sent important emails.

Also, as the managing director of Parliament’s digital service was reported as telling MPs, rightly, following the Dorries revelations: “In most scenarios, the solution [to working insecurely by sharing passwords or logging into someone else’s account] is to provide colleagues with delegated access to your email and calendar, via their own accounts.”

In addition, there are other accessible methods available today which can overcome potential log-in complications, among the most common being multi-factor authentication and password managers.

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