Opal Wave has launched the unique BPC Cloud and become the world’s first company to qualify for the SAP Partner Managed Cloud scheme covering the manufacturer’s Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) software.

This is the highest level of partnership, assuring customers that Opal Wave is qualified in every aspect of consultancy, support and training for the SAP BPC Cloud solution. The application is powered by SAP BPC, the world’s leading business planning and consolidation application, and SAP HANA, today’s most advanced in-memory database management system.

Partner Managed Cloud is a new way for providers such as Opal Wave to deliver SAP solutions. It involves packaged and managed offerings being supplied through these suppliers’ private hosted clouds in a software-as-a-service model.

The scheme enables providers to deliver integrated solutions spanning hosting, software and services. They have complete flexibility on packaging, pricing and setting customer terms and conditions.

Simon Bell, Opal Wave Sales and Marketing Director, said:

“Advantages to clients of our BPC Cloud include avoiding delays and costs sometimes experienced when they rely on third parties to supply and install hardware and networks. As cloud technology – along with features such as specialist IT teams providing ongoing support – renders these elements unnecessary, installation is streamlined, rather than extended to accommodate extensive customisation, and costs are much lower than with traditional methods.

The BPC Cloud also makes it easier for customers to start small, so they can experiment with the solution, then turn on additional features and functions as their requirements change.

The more flexible payments associated with our BPC Cloud solution also means customers can use operating funds, which are traditionally easier to utilise than capital budgets, for their purchases, and spread the payments over the lifetime of the asset, rather than parting with lump sums up-front.”

All this means customers can eliminate the complexities of co-ordinating with multiple providers. This covers all aspects of the solution, including software, infrastructure, maintenance and ongoing management, and means clients avoid having to appoint several partners and negotiate a host of contracts.

Opal Wave demonstrated its expertise with the cloud by becoming the world’s first organisation to launch a cloud-based version of SAP BPC as a service early in 2017. This development brought the solution, which contains a suite of essential accounting templates and was previously only feasible for larger organisations, within the reach of many more enterprises.

The system delivers benefits such as enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in areas including budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting, plus legal and regulatory compliance. Opal Wave launched its innovative product after concluding a unique agreement with the manufacturer and investing £500,000 in purposes such as constructing infrastructure.

Simon Bell said:

“Our unique Partner Managed Cloud status and ground-breaking cloud-based version of SAP BPC underline our global leadership of the highly competitive SAP market.

Customers are increasingly embracing cloud because they recognise the traditional technology ownership model is inadequate for the agility and financial flexibility they need in today’s market conditions. There’s no doubt we’re in the vanguard of organisations helping to satisfy these demands I can assure our actual and potential customers that we’ll remain there.”