A new version of the cockpit has been added to SAP HANA, which Opal Wave regards as the most advanced in-memory database platforms available to businesses today.

That opinion explains why we recommend SAP HANA as the ideal companion to the business planning and consolidation solutions we propose, install, maintain and upgrade.

Like all database platforms, SAP HANA’s core functions are storing and retrieving data, as requested by the applications to which it’s linked. However, it offers numerous other benefits too, including the ability to work at very high speeds, handle vast amounts of data, deploy a range of advanced analytical tools and run queries in real-time.

SAP HANA’s cockpit is a site that provides a single point-of-access to a range of web-based tools for administering the solution online. You can use the cockpit to start and stop systems and services, monitor HANA, configure its services and manage users and authorisations.

The cockpit is installed with HANA 1.0 as automated content and provides core system and database administration features, such as database monitoring, user management, and data backup.

Now, with the release of HANA 2.0 has come the new and significantly enhanced version.   The main difference is that Cockpit 2.0 is a separate software component, which, in a production environment SAP recommend, is installed on its own dedicated server.

Cockpit 2.0 runs on its own SAP HANA Express edition (HXE) database and has to operate on either SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)12 or RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.2. The former is the reference platform for SAP software development marketed by a German open source provider while the latter is a distribution for the Linux operating system developed by a US company.

As the cockpit is now a separate component, we can use it to manage multiple HANA 1.0 and 2.0 systems (database upgrade SP12 or later is required for 1.0). This makes it easier to administer and monitor multiple HANA systems centrally.

Just a few of the new and enriched features included in Cockpit 2.0 are:

  • License Management
  • SQL Analyzer, a standalone windows utility application allowing developers to connect to an SQL server and analyse database objects within it.
  • Cockpit User Roles, the standard mechanism for granting users privileges and the recommended alternative to doing this individually.
  • Memory Analysis
  • Add and Remove Services for Tenant Databases. Tenants are groups of users with specific privileges sharing common access to the software.
  • Host Fail-over, a fully automated solution for recovering from a SAP HANA host failure.

For more information on SAP HANA 2.0 or SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0, please get in touch.