Planning To Move SAP To Cloud Webinar

Planning To Move SAP To Cloud Webinar

David Penny – Director of Cloud Services, presents the ‘Planning To Move SAP To Cloud Webinar’.

In this SAP cloud hosting webinar & whitepaper, we discuss some of the choices, considerations and the business case issues for any SAP users on-prem that are considering moving their SAP to cloud.

‘Planning To Move Your SAP To Cloud’

This webinar & whitepaper is of real benefit to anyone weighing up the pro’s and cons of moving their SAP to cloud as part of their organisation’s digital transformation.

Webinar Host: David Penny, Director Cloud Services at Opal Wave

During the ‘Planning To Move SAP To Cloud’ webinar David explores three key areas:

1- The role of infrastructure and cloud for digital transformation
2- SAP Cloud options
3- Costs, savings, pitfalls and benefits of cloud

In addition, David shares some useful tips on what to focus on as well as the key factors to consider when generating a real business case and ROI model.