See how 60 minutes can impact your business decision making

What can you really achieve in an hour to improve your business decision-making ability? With SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards it’s probably more than you think. Our customers have been positively surprised at the speed and agility adopting SAP® Analytics cloud (SAC) has given them in turning information into insight.SAP® Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a best-in-class SaaS solution. It combines all the analytics functionalities (Planning, Predictive, Business Intelligence) in one intuitive user focused solution, helping you save time and effort while helping you make better decisions.

Building an SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard

As an example, let us explain the process with Geo Demographic data that we used with one of our Local Council customers in just 60 minutes:

In this example, we have used public data sets of Geo Demographic data relating to the city of London that we could simply access in flat-file format. As a data set, it really could have been anything, but it allows us to explain how to access any data and then gain insight from it.

Step 1: Loading our data

Acquiring data into SAC is made simple by the built-in tools.

Our data is now ready for analysis.

Step 2: Building our first analysis

After uploading the data sets, a single click of a button launches an analysis that is contextualised by the software itself, using built-in machine learning and AI algorithms.

Let’s now take a look at some very specific analytics. The first information we were interested in included some simple comparatives. In this instance, a bar chart was going to be the most appropriate way to display it. The solution supports the presentation of our data in many different ways:

What is London’s population by borough and age group?

blogpost 48 image 01

We started by building a chart that displays the population count of each Borough by age group. Each colour represents an age group.

blogpost 48 image 02

With one click you can sort your data and discover that Croydon is the most populated borough.

What is the most dangerous borough in London, and how does unemployment rates affect crime rates?

blogpost 48 image 03

We then built a scatterplot chart to show the correlation between unemployment rates and crime rates. There is a correlation between these two variables that can be later described using a linear regression.

Who won the most seats in the 2014 election?

blogpost 48 image 04

This Bar Chart demonstrates the number of seats won by each political party in the 2014 election.

How does the numbers of cars affect the carbon emissions and air pollution?

blogpost 48 image 05

The use of the Tree-map helps better demonstrate the number of cars and carbon emissions Per Area. The size of each block represents the number of cars and the colour of the total carbon emissions.

Where can I find a job?

blogpost 48 image 06

We selected the Scatterplot chart for its smart grouping option, so the system can divide the regions into 3 groups. Group 1 represents the best areas to find a job (Westminster is the top location). Group 3 represents the regions where you have the lowest number of active businesses and jobs. The groupings have used classification algorithms built into SAC.

SAC allows you to build stories that are rich in interactivity. Story consumers can easily explore charts and data to find insights using the responsive and intuitive interface.

Would you like to:

  • Use Web enabled spreadsheets without running into typical issues such as multiple copies or low performance.
  • Get suggestions on the best visualisation for your data. Simply select either a range of cells or type a question using the smart insight feature.
  • Share specific files, reports or even data cells with other users to discuss and create an action plan.
  • Manage calendar of events that will help streamline your entire finance process.
  • In just one hour you can have a working application with your own data. No fuss, no obligation.

The SAP® Analytics Cloud solution offers all analytics capabilities for all users in one product. See how easy it is to “Go Live In An Hour” with Opal Wave and SAP analytics cloud or just ask for a free 15-minute Demo.