Seven Benefits Of SAP Analytics Cloud With New Machine Learning Features

The seven benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud solution that we provide is now available with new machine learning features.

These improvements uncover correlations in an organisation’s data and help users make even faster, better and more confident decisions than was possible previously.

SAP Analytics Cloud, which incorporates features including Big Data and BI, is a single powerful tool offering all analytics capabilities, which can be used throughout an organisation, across all roles and devices, including mobile platforms. Users can utilise SAP Analytics Cloud to discover, visualise, analyse, simulate, plan, predict, report and collaborate in one integrated, effective, enjoyable and engaging experience.

Seven Benefits Of SAP Analytics Cloud

There are at least seven significant high-level benefits that SAP Analytics Cloud delivers to an organisation. It allows users to:

  • Unlock complex insights
  • Detect issues before they arise
  • Simplify and improve all fact-based decision-making
  • Turn insights into quick action, as they can access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes
  • Secure a lower cost of ownership than previous, broadly similar options, thanks to the solution’s all-in-one nature
  • Rest assured that their operations will never outgrow the solution, as it’s cloud-based
  • Improve productivity, as it allows organisations to eliminate repetitive tasks and time spent previously conducting simple data visualisation

The last of these benefits means staff, such as analysts and managers, can spend more time applying ingenuity and creative reasoning to solving problems and making decisions.

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Analytics are shifting from passive to active systems, with new augmented capabilities, and one significant recent market change is that large businesses are no longer the only ones using them to improve decision making.

Small and medium-sized businesses, often with fewer than 1,000 employees, are increasingly utilising business analytics too, to improve their understanding of current operations, assess how the external environment is changing, and identify what actions will be most effective in the future, for example.

This is often part of a general approach of seeking to improve policies and practices while leveraging and coordinating new information resources, so they can take maximum advantage of their changing business environments.

Freeing users from operating system constraints, download requirements and setup tasks, SAP Analytics Cloud allows them to access relevant, contextual information, without needing data replication processes, while eliminating out-of-context and stale information.

Specifically, the tool’s applications include risk and correlation detection, autonomous creation of advanced dashboards and storyboards, and hyper-personalized insights into data about suppliers, vendors and customers, including anomaly detection. Intelligence and pre-built content from SAP Analytics Cloud can therefore be embedded into line-of-business applications for analytics covering people, segmentation, distribution and total spend, among other purposes. These partner solutions can include the SAP BPC systems we recommend, install, maintain and upgrade.

As SAP Analytics Cloud is built on the high-performance SAP Cloud Platform, the application can always be trusted to work quickly and reliably too.

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