With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) you can easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up your budgeting processes, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.

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Who is it for?

  • Organisations that want to drive future business success with more accurate forecasting models
  • Finance teams that need to improve collaboration between departments on fiscal reporting
  • Businesses striving for operational efficiencies within the management teams
  • Multi-operational entities that struggle with elongated forecasting cycle times

Our customers are already reaping the rewards of SAP BPC Forecasting why not join them?

What benefits does Forecasting offer to your organisation?

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Make better decisions

  • Use ‘what-if’ modelling and scenario planning
  • Assess budget suitability in real time
  • Build forecast models and easily update and adjust as needed
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Improve collaboration

  • Collaboration tools to improve accountability and accuracy
  • Enable your teams to work together on a single viewpoint
  • Eliminate information silos and break down barriers between your teams
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Increase efficiency

  • Shrink your forecasting cycle times
  • More accurate alignment of your plans and strategic goals
  • Solve business challenges faster by connecting your teams to the same data points

What advantages does Forecasting offer to your organisation?

Enable your users to easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up your budgeting processes, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.

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Allow your business users to take back control of forecasting and analysis.

SAP BPC allows reporting processes to be owned by business users, with little or no involvement needed from IT specialists. Users can analyse data using common reporting interfaces like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the web and other business intelligence tools.

By automating reporting, it greatly reduces the scope for human errors and the time it takes you to identify and resolve them.

It can easily produce management reports that meet legal and regulatory compliance demands, and also allows you to confidentially save reports offline, permitting access based on users’ individual rights.

Improve team collaboration and make better use of multiple data sources.

SAP BPC facilitates easy working between your teams, integrating seamlessly with numerous source systems and it provides a clear audit trail allowing you to trace data.

It consolidates data in a controlled way, including converting into different currencies where needed, to produce a single version of the truth across your business. It performs checks and balances of reconciliations as it goes, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

It also enables you to simulate and evaluate multiple future scenarios in minutes, or easily produce alternative reports, using different accounting principles.

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Speed up your reporting and forecasting processes.

SAP BPC shortens your reporting and forecasting cycles or book closure times, enabling you to react quickly and more astutely to your fast-changing circumstances.

Offering reports in various formats, the solution also allows high-quality standardisation in the look and feel of documents across your business.

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