SAP Business Planning and Consolidation(SAP BPC)

The leading, unified Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution that supports planning, reporting and consolidation for faster closing and more accurate and agile budgeting, forecasting and monthly reporting processes

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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) is the leading, unified enterprise performance management (EPM) solution supporting planning, reporting, financial planning and consolidation software.

Among other important benefits, it facilitates faster closing and more accurate and agile budgeting, forecasting and monthly reporting processes. Learn about SAP BPC from starting level to understand how SAP BPC budgeting and forecasting software works and start creating your own BPC Models and Reports. Join Opal Wave SAP BPC Training courses.

Overall, SAP BPC allows customers to:

  • Empower their businesses with its agility and power
  • Enable team members, as it is an analytical tool that integrates easily with ledgers, data warehouses, customer relationship management or any other source systems.
  • Close the loop between planning and action
  • Access data in a manner they can easily understand and from which they can make more effective decisions.

What benefits does SAP BPC offer to your organisation?

Make better decisions, faster

Users’ teams can model data and test scenarios.

Automate and Integrate

Customers can replace zero value-added manual processes with automated routines and integrations, incorporating error checking, validations and collaboration tools, which reduce the effort in undertaking reporting and planning procedures.

Close faster with reduced effort

Users can reduce management and statutory reporting close times, while cutting manual effort and improving accuracy.

For further information about SAP BPC, please visit this page.

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  •  Improved accountability and planning accuracy
  • Shrink cycle times and close the books faster

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