Make fast, confident decisions for better outcomes. Benefit from a single cloud analytics solution that augments the value of business intelligence (BI) and enterprise planning.

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Make fast, confident decisions for better outcomes. Benefit from a single cloud analytics solution that augments the value of business intelligence (BI) and enterprise planning.

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Who is it for?

SAP Analytics Cloud solution is designed for businesses that want to transition into an intelligent enterprise. It offers all reporting analytics for all users on one platform, in one user experience. In the boardroom, at the office, or with a customer, you can discover, analyse, plan, predict, and collaborate to make complete, contextual, and confident decisions.

Users can access all data, semantics, and business logic on their own, to turn formerly hidden insights into the well-advised actions that enhance business outcomes.

What benefits does Reporting offer to your organisation?


Access all analytics with one user experience

  • Discover, analyse, plan, and predict in one experience across all devices
  • Make end-to-end decisions with data management and analytics together in one place
  • Scale to meet the needs of your business and diverse users across all decision types (strategic, operational, and tactical)
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Make confident decisions faster with AI-driven insights

  • Ask questions in a conversational manner with instant results explained in natural language
  • Detect drivers of a KPI and take the next best action using automated machine learning that discovers unknown relationships in data
  • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts easily
Hours saved

Make critical business decisions quickly and confidently

  • Increase adoption and usability by providing users with instant results
  • Eliminate bias and take the next best action
  • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts to enrich BI and planning

Make end-to-end business decisions by accessing all analytics capabilities in one place with a single user experience.

Empower your users to make confident business decisions faster with advanced AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Empower your users with machine intelligence that provides answers to questions in a conversational, instantaneous manner.

What advantages does Reporting offer to your organisation?

Business success demands complete analytics, with business intelligence, planning, and prediction to support strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. Empowering users to act confidently in the moment requires contextual insight in real time.

The reporting capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud solution supplies analytics to every user tasked with making intelligent decisions to boost outcomes.

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Augmented Analytics

Reveal relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

  • Focus on higher-value activities with machine intelligence embedded in business intelligence and planning workflows.
  • Get answers instantly by creating visualisations and explanations with natural language querying and generation.
  • Discover key influencers and relationships in your data to boost performance, detect anomalies, and take remedial actions.
  • Predict potential outcomes and forecasts you can trust with the push of a button and no data science skills required.

Business Intelligence

Explore data across the organisation and deliver insights at the point of decision with intuitive self-service analytics.

  • Inspire audiences with interactive visualisations and stories by filtering and drilling into data, regardless of volume size.
  • Automate data cleansing to alert errors and categorise measures and dimensions to enhance your data and gain deeper insights.
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Reporting 3

Enterprise Planning

Link and create financial and operational plans seamlessly in one solution to drive better decisions with integrated plans.

  • Plan across all lines of business to turn real-time insight into action, ensure strategic alignment, and decide confidently.
  • Understand your business today and tomorrow with predictive forecasting and machine learning tools.
  • Act in the moment and spend more time on strategy by combining transactions, analytics, and planning with SAP S/4HANA.
  • Create and modify versions of a planning model for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis from one cloud interface.

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