S/4 HANA Group Reporting

S/4HANA provides statutory as well as managerial financial consolidation capabilities for both On-Premise and Cloud customers.

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S/4 HANA Finance for Group Reporting

SAP S/4 HANA Finance for Group Reporting delivers a faster, more compliant financial close for users of SAP S/4 HANA, the world’s most advanced database management system. It enables customers to embed the close process within enterprise resource planning (ERP), for unprecedented cycle time reductions, and put finance functions in control of their process and data.

The solution allows users to run real-time financial accounting and reporting procedures. By enabling one common view of financial data, the software improves consistency and helps them gain real-time business insights anytime with soft close, elimination of batch processes and access to real time information.

S4Hana Group Reporting enables customers to benefit from statutory and management consolidations and reporting, thus allowing them to experience the ultimate joined-up process.

S/4 HANA Finance for Group Reporting Capabilities

  • Postings can be checked continuously against central validation rules
  • Shared Master Data and Rules for local and group closing
  • Necessary adjustments can be done locally and results are provided immediately for consolidation
  • Certain consolidation steps can be performed before the consolidation (e.g. currency translation)

What benefits does S4Hana Group Reporting offer to your organisation?

S/4 HANA Finance for Group Reporting brings customers:

  • Common Master Data and rules for simplified maintenance and control
  • The ability to post once – available everywhere – so they can make changes and simplify processes for tasks such as currency translations.
  • Powerful and flexible validation rules
  • Fully transparent and auditable processes

Users can:

  • Translate currencies
  • Eliminate, with automatic journals, across chosen break-down categories (dimensions)
  • Consolidate investments
  • Maintain compliance with evolving regulations

S/4 HANA Finance for Group Reporting:

  • Can be embedded in ERP – with real-time data flow and native drill-through to line item entries.
  • Offers options for flexible uploads of non-SAP data
  • Provides posting, via the universal journal, of financial and statistical journal entries
  • Facilitates manual, top-down adjustments, wherever needed for eliminations
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