SAP Platform as a Service PaaS

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a breakthrough in SAP HANA application hosting and management, taking hybrid cloud development to the next level.

Download our Guide to PaaS

SAP Platform as a Service PaaS

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a breakthrough in SAP application hosting and management, taking hybrid cloud development to the next level.

Download our Guide to PaaS
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SAP Platform as a Service (PaaS), leading the market in SAP production platform services

Our fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosts any solutions or applications (S/4HANA, SAP ECC, BW/4HANA to any HANA app), powered by SAP HANA, today’s most advanced database management system. PaaS is built in the Opal Wave managed cloud, which enables customers to run their SAP applications in a secure, high-performance landscape.

Our HANA platform has been developed over many years and is ideal for users that want to bring their own SAP licenses or manage their own applications without having to worry about the cost, hassles and expertise required for running a reliable HANA platform.

What benefits does PaaS offer to your organisation?

Scalability and integration
In a traditional model IT Directors need to predict the resources needed to run their applications and workloads.  Not only for the present, but also to plan sufficient capacity for the future.  A cloud environment is natively scalable, which grows (or declines) according to  the business needs.  Cloud based applications are also easier to integrate with other cloud solutions.

Single Point of Service
The benefits of a Single Point of Service enable one trusted partner to Support the Platform, leaving overstretched IT Teams to focus on their core business and value-added projects rather than managing routine maintenance.  We provide 24 hour a day monitoring and proactive management of the full stack utilising automated tools, applied by our highly technically qualified and experienced staff.   Our team provides technical support and management to ensure the operation, maintenance, backups, Disaster Recovery and day to day performance.  We also offer extended help desk support hours and critical 24hour emergency cover.

Reduced costs
As we manage many customer environments, we get economies of scale that clients can’t get managing their own single environment.  Running SAP applications on a Platform as a Service reduces client’s costs as they reside in a multi-tenant environment where expensive infra-structure and the maintenance costs can be spread across multiple users

Engineered for SAP solutions our sophisticated automated backup solutions avoid the need to purchase costly alternatives.  Our Highly Available, fault tolerant systems are constantly monitored and managed with backups tested periodically to ensure organisations maintain their Compliance.  Geographically dispersed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options provide peace of mind.

Reduced time to benefit
Opal Wave’s implementation methodology and deployment processes have been deployed successfully for many clients over several years.  Depending on the service and cloud platform requirements, we can deploy bespoke solutions to meet individual project needs or provide pre-configured HANA resource modules to get you up and running in hours not weeks.  We work with trusted partners to deliver expertise across the wide portfolio of SAP HANA applications.

No up-front investment
Purchasing equipment through a capital expenditure model can depreciate the value over a period, however it still requires spending cash.  Consuming services through an operational expenditure model means the service is charged through fixed and predictable monthly payments, with no hidden extra charges.  No upfront investment means better use of cash so funds that would have previously been spent up front in the older model can be used elsewhere in the business.

Long term supplier relationships
A managed service from Opal Wave provides a safe pair of hands to our customers and partners.  This model is proven by our many customers that trust us to manage their environments over many years.  Opal Wave provide their customers with a Service Level Agreement guaranteeing their platform a certain availability and help desk support with multi-level priorities to deliver required response times based on urgency and impact of issues.

Key Features of Platform as a Service (PaaS)


  • Our primary and secondary, geographically distant, datacentres are based in the UK, but we offer facilities in other locations as well. These datacentres are certified to globally recognised security and quality standards, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IEC27001, CSA Star Accreditation, PCI-DSS and UK Government Digital Marketplace.

Industry standards

  • PaaS is delivered according to industry standards and best practices. Our fully redundant High Availability HANA Platform is built using SAP Certified and SAP supported high performing infra-structure. This achieves the security, performance, stability and availability needed for critical business solutions.

Managed Services

Our HANA Platform is a fully managed service where we manage the BASIS layer and below so take care of all the platform, infra-structure and hosting requirements.

We manage all BASIS, SUSE and Windows Server operating systems so you don’t have to invest in the time and skills required.  We provide all the HANA expertise and support you need all included as part of our service.

Our SAP Basis administration includes installation, configuration, load balancing, performance of SAP applications.  Maintenance of database, operating system, application and web server services.  We also take care of:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Management of virtual machines
  • 10/100G networking to provide optimal performance between the SAP application layer and the SAP HANA
  • O/S management & patching including Windows & SUSE
  • Managed platform security and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Management and maintenance of all SAP certified & SAP supported hardware
  • HANA Backup management, testing & restorations
  • Business Continuity & DR instigation
  • 24 hour System monitoring
  • Regular and Extended hours support and 24 hour critical support


  • We offer quarterly, bi-annual and annual software upgrade options, aligned to SAP’s release cycle.

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