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What can Opal Wave offer?


Opal Wave is fully authorised to sell, install and maintain the world’s top appliances for SAP HANA, the world’s leading in-memory database management system. These appliances are made by Huawei, the leading global information and communications technology solutions provider. We provide a single point-of-contact and all our work is undertaken by SAP-certified technicians.

Overview of the solutions


Huawei’s SAP HANA appliances include:

  • Single node
  • Scale-out
  • Tailored datacentre integration


All these solutions:

  • Process massive amounts of data in-memory
  • Work at high speeds
  • Obtain and analyse critical data in real time, to improve decision-making
  • Can be installed and expanded easily, on-premise and on-demand, offering numerous deployment options.
  • Are easy to operate and maintain, as they demand only simplified management
  • Incorporate extensive storage capacity
  • Offer low latency switching
  • Provide outstanding read/write performance
  • Offer excellent value-for-money

Additional details fo the solutions include:

Single node


The SAP HANA appliance single-node solution uses Huawei RH5885H V3 four-socket or RH8100 V3 eight-socket high-performance rack servers, containing Intel Xeon processors. The RH series combines top density with great power, allowing customers to capture all business information in a single system, which can handle virtually any need.



This uses Huawei’s FusionCube server and a distributed storage application. FusionCube complies with open architecture standards, and integrates computing via blade servers, distributed storage, network switches, management software and cloud management.



  • Supports 10gbps ethernet and 56gbps InfiniBand switches and meets HANA memory real-time computing storage and high-speed network switching requirements.
  • Supports a simple auto-discovery management system that expands the cloud
  • Handles virtualisation, without the need to re-plan or re-architect the system, through its scale-out cluster architecture. This can be converged, to optimise enterprise applications and help accelerate decision-making, or conventional, which is scalable and can minimise initial investment.



The Huawei SAP HANA appliance datacentre integration solution can be tailored to individual needs. It offers:

  • A flexible combination of SAP HANA-certified FusionServers and OceanStor enterprise storage devices.
  • Dynamic memory scalability from 512 gigabits to 64 terabytes in cluster mode
  • Customized SAP HANA cluster solutions


Huawei FusionServer:

  • Combines the benefits of rack and blade servers
  • Provides the industry’s best SAP HANA memory density
  • Uses unique, individually swappable dual in-line memory modules


Huawei OceanStor unified storage:

  • Has SSDs that optimise log volume input/output operations per second performance.
  • Unifies storage area network and network-attached storage service, Hybrid SSD and SAS disks, to meet HANA requirements for log, data, and share volumes.

Other Servers

What does Opal Wave offer?


We supply, install and maintain a broad range of high-performance servers and components for datacentres and campus networks made by our partner Huawei, the leading global information and communications technology solutions provider. These are powered by the latest multi-core Intel Xeon processor technology.


The servers offer dynamic energy-saving features and power management, which reduce energy consumption, making cooling more efficient and allowing higher densities and more capacity at less cost. Their support for FusionSphere virtualisation also simplifies management for rapid provisioning and low cost of ownership.

In addition to RH rack servers, plus the FusionServer and FusionCube options, all covered on our page about HANA appliances, we work with Huawei servers including:



KunLun servers set a new standard in mission critical computing by combining an innovative and open design with breakthrough central processor unit interconnection and Reliability, Availability and Serviceability 2.0 technologies. These innovations enable KunLun to deliver the superior performance and dependability which can support customers’ mission critical applications on a huge scale.


There are three models of KunLun server: 9008, 9016 and 9032, corresponding to eight-socket, 16-socket, and 32-socket. The 9008 and 9016 servers can both scale up to 32-sockets.


KunLun is ideal for:

  • Database/Online Transaction Processing
  • In-memory computing
  • High Performance Computing fat node
  • Virtualisation
  • Cloud platform


Compared to UNIX servers, KunLun models can lower total cost of ownership by 30 per cent.



The Taishan ES3000 V3 series is the sixth generation of Huawei enterprise-grade solid state drives (SSDs) with high performance and reliability. ES3000 SSDs eliminate hard disk drive input and output bottlenecks and significantly improve the performance of business applications, including:

  • Database
  • Virtualisation
  • Cloud
  • Indexing
  • Storage area network
  • Big Data


We also offer the Huawei ES3000 V3 series serial attached small computer system (SAS) interface SSD products. These servers are based on Huawei’s SSD controller chips with an SAS 12 gigabit-per-second interface and 2.5-inch disks. They:

  • Support single/dual port mode
  • Provide high-performance
  • Deliver high-reliability storage solutions


In addition to the full range of Huawei servers, we provide the company’s complementary management software options. These include the iBMC server intelligent management system and FusionServer management and integration tools.

Other Hardware – Storage, Switches

What can Opal Wave provide?


We supply a wide range of high performance storage products and switches, which are ideal for any computer environment, with our hardware partner Huawei, the leading global information and communications technology solutions provider.



Huawei offers high-performance core, aggregation, and access switches for data centres and high-end campus networks, plus similar products for enterprise campus networks that allow for flexible networking. In addition, the company’s switches for small and medium sized businesses, small offices and homes are energy-saving Ethernet access products with rich service features that are easy to install and maintain.


The CloudEngine, Campus, and SMB Switches combine advanced architecture and design with carrier-grade reliability to provide high availability and performance networking for:

  • Large-scale data centres
  • Internet service providers
  • Enterprise IT networks


Innovative networking, management and security features allow enterprise customers to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth in converged, wired and wireless networks. Virtualisation, high-density clustering and software-defined networking technologies provide the flexible, scalable switching needed for:

  • Server-based multimedia applications
  • Resilient cloud-computing
  • Big Data

Storage products


Providing converged functionality that maximises performance and capacity utilisation, Huawei storage products are suitable for a wide range of levels and applications, including:

  • Entry-level
  • Mid-range
  • High-end
  • Big Data
  • Vertical industry
  • Cloud storage


Some of Huawei’s flexible products combine Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) features to maximise versatility, while others merge primary and backup storage. Convergence of solid-state and hard-disk drives boosts performance dramatically.
Huawei OceanStor offerings range from comprehensive enterprise storage to all-flash and cloud systems.


OceanStor enterprise storage products include the Dorado V3 all-flash system, the 2800 V3 video cloud converged option and the SNS range of fibre channel switches, a cost-effective choice for network expansion.


The OceanStor SNS enterprise storage products are fibre channel switches designed for small-scale independent SANs and edge topologies of large-scale core switching networks.


Non-blocking architecture is used, allowing high bandwidth for SNS switches to run in full configuration (full duplex). The SNS2248 supports a maximum of 1,536 gigabits-per-second without bandwidth congestion.


The OceanStor SNS options are designed to reduce enterprises’ SAN costs while improving scalability and ease-of-use.
Huawei cloud storage products include Huawei FusionStorage, a converged option that provides block, file and object storage as an all-in-one system. This helps enterprises store and access massive amounts of data with agility and can be scaled-out as needed.


OceanStor 9000 scale out NAS is a system specifically designed for:

  • Media
  • Satellite mapping
  • Gene sequencing
  • Energy exploration
  • Scientific research
  • Education
  • Backup
  • Archiving


In addition, OceanStor DJ service-driven storage control software improves operational efficiency by supporting:

  • Unified management of storage resources
  • Flexible orchestration of service catalogues
  • Automatic deployment of storage and data applications

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