Implement IFRS 16 with a pre-configured solution from Opal Wave

  • Complete IFRS 16 solution
  • Works with your existing SAP BPC applications
  • No need for additional servers or capital expenditure
  • Customise to fit your needs exactly
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Implement IFRS 16 with a pre-configured solution from Opal Wave

  • Complete IFRS 16 solution
  • Works with your existing SAP BPC applications
  • No need for additional servers or capital expenditure
  • Customise to fit your needs exactly
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International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16 has made lease accounting up-to-date and transparent. Users of the on premise or cloud-based versions of the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) system on any platform can now benefit from our IFRS 16 for SAP BPC solution.

The system supports the disclosure and calculations of your RUA valuations, lease liabilities and all associated balance sheet and profit and loss account postings.

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What benefits does our SAP BPC Pre-configured template for IFRS 16 offer your organisation?

Implementation Benefits

Getting started with IFRS16 for SAP BPC, which we are deploying with many customers, is easy because it:

  • Contains a simple “plug and play” option for all SAP BPC users
  • Capitalises on what you already have and know
  • Integrates with any source, including all enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Provides direct posting and reconciliation inside the SAP BPC solution
  • Offers multiple transition options
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Operational Benefits

IFRS 16 for SAP BPC offers operators multiple benefits under numerous headings. For example:


The solution:

  • Imports transitional data
  • Calculates assets and liabilities


IFRS 16 for SAP BPC enables operators to:

  • Maintain leases
  • Manage financial information


The solution facilitates:

  • Full disclosures
  • Reconciliation with consolidated accounts


IFRS 16 for SAP BPC offers:

  • Simple lease maintenance and data management in a familiar environment
  • The ability to import and bulk load data for setup

Calculations and Processes

The solution provides:

  • Automated calculations of derived data, based on lease and other financial information
  • The option to hold comparative data for alternative treatment and evaluation of transition arrangements
  • Currency conversion from lease to entity and reporting currencies
  • The ability to report actual and forecast numbers, based on current and anticipated leases
  • Automated posting of data to consolidation models and ERP systems


IFRS 16 for SAP BPC offers:

  • A lease asset register
  • Individual lease reporting
  • Summary and detailed lease reporting by organisation, lease type and other classifications.
  • Reconciliation of data between consolidation models and IFRS 16 lease detail, including automatic aggregation by asset class for each entity or business unit
  • Direct links to lease documents held directly within the system or external document management solutions, including SharePoint.

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Strategic Benefits

The solution delivers a wide range of strategic advantages, in various categories, including:


Users avoid:

  • New software or software as a service subscriptions
  • Additional hardware
  • Complex deployment demands, as the system capitalises on existing solution components


IFRS 16 for SAP BPC means:

  • No technical implementation time
  • Zero installation lead time
  • Embedded templates
  • Rapid roll-out, as security and users are already deployed
  • Unconstrained delivery capacity, with deployment skills and consulting resources already existing

Data and Integration

The solution offers:

  • Shared master data
  • Posting inside the same solution, thus reducing or eliminating integrations
  • Data loading, using existing and understood integration tools

User adoption

Users of IFRS 16 for SAP BPC:

  • Experience a familiar environment
  • Acquire an addition to existing solutions
  • Follow a simplified process, with fewer steps connecting multiple products
  • Utilise a tool that can be added to existing BPFs
  • Undergo training focused solely on the process, enabling more effective learning in a shorter time, with no new technology being needed.


The solution benefits users because:

  • The skilled resources needed are in-house already
  • Maintenance is reduced through the re-use of existing components, such as dimensions and security
  • It is supported by extending existing relationships…there are no new agreements to manage.

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