Introduction to SAP BPC e-learning series

Welcome to the Opal Wave series of e-learning courses for SAP BPC, SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA.

These easy to follow SAP BPC Online training courses are aimed at both new customers and EPM professionals alike, and we hope you find them useful.

Presented by Tess Miller, e-learning trainer at Opal Wave, they are designed to equip you with all the necessary tools to use and to configure SAP for your financial reporting consolidation budgeting and planning needs.

This series of videos introduces the reporting features and the SAP BPC web interface, as well as SAP BPC’s powerful Microsoft Excel EPM Addin.

It is designed to give you the ability to create simple and complex reports in both interfaces, and teaches you how to use it for your financial and management reporting.

The series consists of seven videos:

  1. Web interface login and navigation
  2. Web reporting
  3. EPM Addin Login and Navigation
  4. Simple Report Creation
  5. Report Creation – Advanced Features
  6. Sheet Options
  7. Advanced Report Formatting

So, if you’re ready. Let’s begin.

This introductory course can be supplemented by comprehensive SAP BPC video based training tailored to your own solution, or, for customers using the Opal Wave SAP BPC Cloud, powered by SAP BPC and SAP HANA, access to a full training suite is included with the subscription.

Opal Wave offers a full range of SAP BPC training courses tailored around your needs. These are led by our highly skilled SAP trainers and can be carried out either at your premises or at one of our own SAP training facilities in London, Bradford and Beirut.

Find out more about open and tailored courses

SAP BPC Training Videos

Introduction to Training

Preamble to SAP BPC e-learning series

Session One

Opal Wave SAP BPC Web Interface Login Training

Session Two

Opal Wave SAP BPC Web Reporting

Session Three

Opal Wave SAP BPC EPM Addin Login and Navigation

Session Four

Opal Wave SAP BPC EPM Addin Simple Report Creation

Session Five

Opal Wave SAP BPC EPM Addin Report Creation Advanced Features

Session Six

Opal Wave SAP BPC EPM Addin Sheet Options

Session Seven

SAP BPC Training EPM Addin Report Formatting

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