Security Policy

Opal Wave’s ISMS Objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a framework for establishing suitable levels of information security for all Opal Wave information systems (including but not limited to all Cloud environments commissioned or run by Opal Wave, computers, storage, mobile devices, networking equipment, software and data) and to mitigate the risks associated with the theft, loss, misuse, damage or abuse of these systems.
    • The resources required to manage such systems will be made available
    • Continuous improvement of any ISMS will be undertaken in accordance with:
      Plan, Do, Check, Act principles
  • Make certain that users are aware of and comply with all current and relevant UK and EU legislation.
  • Provide the principles by which a safe and secure information systems working environment can be established for staff and any other authorised users.
  • Ensure that all users understand their own responsibilities for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the data that they handle.
  • Protect Opal Wave from liability or damage through the misuse of its IT facilities.
  • Maintain customer data and other confidential information provided by customers at a level of security commensurate with its classification, including upholding any legal and contractual requirements around information security.
  • Respond to changes in the context of the organisation as appropriate, initiating a cycle of continuous improvement.

This statement has been approved & authorised by:

Name: Ahtishaam Khan
Position: Technical Director
Date: 13/01/2021